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Camilla, originally from Brazil, has a lifetime of exposure to a variety of music and dance. This has influenced her strong passion for dance of all kinds.

She began to dance at age six, where she learned Ballet and Jazz. Over the years she has taught Jazz to over 400 students in Brazil.

She took her first Belly Dance class, and it was love at first sight. Camilla soon became obsessed with Belly Dance and practiced day and night. All the energy that had previously been devoted to other types of dance is now being channeled into Belly Dance.

As a solist, Camilla feels most at home with the Americanized flavor of Belly Dance that employs both traditional Turkish and Arabic music, because of her love for American-style veil work, sword balancing, and oher New World innovations. She likes to incorporate some Latin influenced hip movements, which also makes her shimmies one of a kind.

Camilla performs at local restaurants, private parties, and haflas.

Charismatic, energetic and full of personality are a few of the words people use to describe Camilla on stage.